Supervision Program:
The NEZRC supervision program is the foundation for all officials who wish to improve their overall ability as an official and move up the ranks to work the highest leagues possible. With a little confidence and some basic skills, we learned from experience, training, and more specifically from tips and assistance of our senior and other fellow officials. We all require more help to be a well rounded official in most areas of our game. Just as a senior official once helped you, we are asking that all of us pass it on to the younger officials who look up to you and the rest of us.
This program is your duty and a pre-requisite for future assignments. Please take the little time required to help the younger officials and this program be successful. This program is geared towards getting the senior officials (senior 2’s and up – you know who you are!) out to assist the younger kids who may or may not be new to the game and this thing we call refereeing. Supervising may be watching in the stands, shadowing or working on the ice with a younger official. All of these methods will assist in improving the skills of our young officials. There are supervision forms available that act as a record for the younger officials to keep track of their strengths and some areas for improvement. It is not an evaluation of that referee, but a development tool for their betterment.

The policy unanimously approved by the North East Zone Executive reads as follows:

  • At least 2 games must be supervised by December 15 each year. Failing this benchmark WILL result in limited game assignments in the New Year.
  • At least 2 more games must be supervised by January 31, each year. Failing to meet this requirement will affect playoff and provincial assignments.
  • Supervision forms must be received by the supervision coordinator (in his hands) prior to the above deadlines.

Officials not meeting the standard in one year may see their highest level of hockey affected in the following season. Supervision forms must be handed in, mailed or faxed prior to the above dates to:


Supervision Coordinator

                                                                  Vince Nelson                                                        (780) 847-2163 (Res)

                                                                  Box 21                                                                   (780) 205-2431 (Cell)

                                                                  Marwayne, AB T0B 2X0 


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If anyone has any questions, concerns and even some new ideas about the supervision program this season, please feel free to contact your local assignor or Vince.

Once completed please forward onto the Official you supervised and the Supervision Coordinator. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.