Procedure for filing a Complaint in Northeast Zone Step One: Letter from team management to:

(a) League, (b) Local Minor Hockey Board, or (c) Hockey Alberta Zone Rep.
Letter must include the following:
1. Date of game
2. Location of Game
3. Names of officials (obtained from the game sheet)
4. Nature of Concern
5. Name, Address (e-mail or home), and Phone Number of concerned person.
Step Two: If league, Local Minor Hockey Board, or Hockey Alberta Zone Rep. feels there is merit to the concern, they will forward the letter to the Zone Discipline Chairman.
Step Three: Investigation into concern by Referee Council.
Step Four: Response to league, Local Minor Hockey Board, or Hockey Alberta Zone Rep. and team management. Once a letter of complaint has been received, the Northeast Zone Discipline Chair, will review the incident with the Discipline Committee. If the letter of complaint is deems to have merit by the Discipline Committee, an investigation will be completed. Once the investigation is complete by the Discipline Committee, a response will be issued to the Team Manager outlining the findings and actions taken.

Contact Information:  Rob Larson
                                   North East Zone Discipline Chair
                                   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.