North East Zone Discipline Policy                                                                                                                                                                 

Purpose: To provide a framework for the effective, fair, and open discipline process in correcting unacceptable actions of officials either in on-ice or off-ice situations and incidents

 Responsibility: Discipline coordinator, or in his absence, Zone Chairman.

Procedure: 1) Complaint against affected official must be in writing addressed to the NE Zone, verbal complaints or phone calls noted, but not actioned until received in writing
2) Affected official named in complaint must be contacted and given opportunity to provide written response, including being given a copy of any written material submitted

                   3) All evidence or facts stated by either party to be checked or reviewed for verification and confirmation

                   4) Discipline Coordinator (or designate) to review situation with executive committee prior to rendering decision

                   5) Discipline Coordinator (or designate) to render decision and notify affected official in writing as to the decision and penalty, including appeal process

Appeals:     1) Process shall follow Provincial Referee’s Bylaws Section 9 for all appeals
2) Discipline Coordinator (or designate) shall action an appeal committee of at least three members of the executive, and shall not be included in such hearing

                   3) The appeal committee will take such time as necessary to review and verify all facts presented in hearing prior to rendering the decision

                   4) Any further appeal will be referred to the Provincial Executive