Below are some essential things you must bring to your clinic so that you and the instructor get the most out of the clinic and that you can prepare yourself for a great season!

1. Great Attitude- This is the most important thing you could ever bring to a clinic and most importantly the rink.  Remember that the instructors are here tmove up in the officiating levels there are certain minimum scores that you need to obtain in order to register every year.  Thus the more attention you pay in the classroom during the clinic the faster you will learn the rules of the game.
2. Writing Utensils- We recommend that you bring a pen, a pencil, a highlighter and a small notebook.  The highlighter will come in handy to highlight tricky rules that may come up during the season.  The pad of paper will allow you to make notes of possible test questions.
3. Lunch & Water Bottle- Lunch is never provided at the clinic and therefore you need to either pack a lunch or bring money so you can purchase something at a nearby restaurant. Students are usually given 1 hour for lunch. It is also recommended to bring a water bottle as the classroom may not have a water fountain.
4. Money-  All officials will need to bring your money for registration fees on the day of your clinic. If you’re a level 1 official the instructor will go through a material and supplies list that will determine how much the registration and material fees are going to cost. Please feel free to check out our registration fees tab on the site to give you an idea how much its going to cost.
5. Rule Book- Every 2nd year Hockey Canada comes out with a new rule book that all officials are required to purchase.  2013/2014 (this season) is the last year we will be utilizing the current rule book. Thus you will be able to use your old rule book. However next year (2014/2015) is a rule change year so every official will be needed to purchase a new rule book.
6. On-Ice Equipment- All officials taking these clinics are required to do the on-ice test, this includes the level 2/3 officials as well and this is mandatory, no exceptions. As the senior officials have done this many times it brings forward a good opportunity to iron out some kinks and to help the instructor out and mentor the younger officials and give them the confidence they need to be successful. Here instructors will run the officials through a variety of drills that simulate game situations.  The red not mandatory) and a whistle. Goalie skate are acceptable for the on ice session only and will not be permitted in a real game situation.

7. Laptop or Tablet- The exam is now administered VIA the Socrative teacher software.